Bradley T. Jolly (darkyoshii) wrote in tehw00tshow,
Bradley T. Jolly

On board!

Hey there all, teh w00t show is now on the LiveJournalage community thing!

We figured considering how random we upload and sometimes I can't quite reach everybody, people could keep track by adding us here and we'll embed a youtube as well as explain it anytime we upload one.

Jabjabs and I are going crazy with capturing and editing this week, so expect a little more in the coming weeks as him and I try to get things on board again.

For anyone that doesn't know exactly what we are, check the profile for a little more information.

Any comments/suggestions? Feel free to comment and let us know! As we're community based we try to take things on board and apply them. Additionally, anyone want to help just let us know!

Please join the forums on the main site as well! Been a bit dead and could use a revival. If everyone that sees this joined, it would certainly pick up a lot!


For now though, let's celebrate the coming of teh w00t show on LiveJournal! Jabjabs stayed over and worked all night to present this one. And by that I mean was bored and did something for a few hours.

Enjoy this preview for Hot Shots Golf 5 for Playstation3!

Tags: first entry, preview
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